Church History

New Church History | Second Anniversary

The The First Bethel Baptist Church of Capitol Heights Maryland was organized and held the initial Worship Service on Sunday, December 23, 2012 under the dynamic leadership of our beloved Pastor and Organizer, Dr. Lehman D. Bates. The initial service was held at our present location, 9171 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, MD with a total of 47 members. The Lord allowed us to grow and we were officially incorporated in January 2013 with a Charter Membership of 83 Members. Today we thank God for a total of 107 members, more than twice our initial number in ONE YEAR.

GOD has continued to bless us with three faithful and dynamic ministers of the gospel; as well as the support and prayers of three Sons of the Church and their wives as Charter Members. These ministers continue to help and support our Pastor and our Church. Through Godís grace and love we receive many expressions of love and support from non-members and friends Ė we are blessed!

After much prayer and fasting, the Lord directed Pastor Bates to complete the organization of our church family for the work and glory of GOD. The structure now includes: Board of Deacons, Board of Deaconess, Board of Trustees, Budget Committee, Church Clerk, Church Secretaries, Music Staff, Missionary Ministry, Welcome & Announcement Committee, Church School, New Members Class, Ushers, First Bethel Gospel Choir, Golden Saints/Travel Fellowship and Revival/Hospitality Committee. The Young Adult Fellowship, Nurses Unit, Christian Education, a Historian and the FBBC Media Powerhouse Committees are still being developed. The Church By-Laws were completed and ratified. The church purchased a new set of drums and microphones. The Golden Saints/Travel Fellowship sponsored their first trip to see Moses on March 28, 2014. Our first Fall Revival was held Sunday, September 22 through Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Dr. Marshall F. Prentice, Pastor of the Zion Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD was the evangelist.

Also, the church baptized three young people: Nyha Lavern Shaw, Talayia Maria Sharon Rhode and Zander Aiden Perry. We have mourned the lost of three members: Minnie J. Crosson, Mercedes A. Artis and Wilbert Abney, Jr. and we continue to pray for those families. We have supported bereaved families inside and outside our church family, as we dedicate ourselves to spreading the love of God.

Our congregation presently supports both foreign and local missions. We were honored to donate 15 Thanksgiving Baskets to persons and ministries locally on Sunday, November 24, 2013. The Lord also blessed us to purchase, wrap and send 60 Christmas Gifts to The Joseph Francis General Hospital Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies for patients unable to go home for Christmas. The growth and stability of our congregation will lead to the continued support of education, foreign and local missions, and many other areas that our Pastor envisions, encourages and the Lord allows us to be a part of.

With Christ and Pastor, our church will make a difference as we spread the love and peace of God throughout the world.